Our M.O.

The goal of EquitySet is to provide an independent, unbiased source of stock analysis. We are not from big banks, investment firms or trading floors. We are just a normal set of individuals trying to create a community and share our thoughts on quantitative modeling paired with qualitative factors that we believe can help provide an amazing second opinion.

Our mission is to constantly tweak and adjust factors that may better align the odds for indicating values of equities. We don’t subscribe to any biases between companies and believe in providing a pragmatic output for individuals to make their own decisions on the data and their personal feelings about what is right for them.

Here’s to the newbies and oldies getting into (or back into) the realm of investing. Take in the data you need, align your odds of success and make decisions your mom would be proud of. EquitySet team out.

Our Opinion on Investing

We are not looking for our platform to be the end all be all. In fact that would be extremely myopic of us and against any single individual’s best interest. There are a myriad of decisions needed to factor into whether or not investing in specific markets or securities is right for you. And many of those outside the actual metrics of a stock itself. Take investing seriously and always factor in multiple sources before pulling the trigger. Come on. You got this.

Our Opinion on Making Decisions

Carefully. As stated above financial matters is serious stuff. Just because we are energetic and simple about the topic doesn’t mean we don’t believe in the importance and brevity of it. We urge you to make careful considerations in everything you do in the markets.

How is the Model Based?

The model is primarily quantitative in nature, helping to recognize and predict patterns in valuation metrics of publicly traded companies. Taking those tendencies and combining them with other ‘risk’ factors that may exist within the investment world, we output synthesized data that aims to play on providing higher reward and lower risk profiles for your viewing.

The inputs span the most recent 5 years of trailing data, ranging from pricing to valuation metrics to historical trading data and company financials. The outputs are geared for smaller windows of 3 to 6 month predictions of undervalue or overvalue.

The Core Values of the Model

Taking some of the biggest variables within a company and translating those into investment decision criteria buckets. It’s about aligning the odds. There is no guarantee in life and especially not in the markets. Even if something is screaming up, up, up you well know from experience sometimes it goes down. Our goal is to provide clarity to eight unique buckets of analysis on a company in order to pair that with the overall fair value estimate and rating. We call it aligning the odds. The more you have in your favor and the more diversification you can take on, the better your perceived odds.

What Does the Platform Allow you to do?

Search stocks, generate a second opinion and move on with your day. The world is complex and so is investing. This platform aims to provide a simplistic UI and way to consume data that might be valuable to your other decisions and research.

Chances are you subscribe or are familiar with many platforms or data-driven financial sources. We are not trying to be one of those. We are simply trying to provide another view of how equities can potentially be valued.

Get in, get out and get on with your day.

The Data Aspect

You want to know about our data? Well geez. Buy us a drink first! We live in a data world...and we are data people. Our data systems are built with speed, efficiency and accuracy in mind. From the unique algorithms we use to help form the base of the model to the live data stream we use to fuel it; we are committed to making sure that despite pulling millions of data points daily it is tried and true.

Our models are meant for short to medium term analysis points. Therefore while we can output data real time, we use a combination of daily caching and crons to make sure data is fresh every day when you wake up and log in to use it.

What EquitySet Isn’t

This wasn’t meant for you to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. It wasn’t meant to consume your whole day. It was meant for you to quickly and easily find stocks you might be interested in and get a holistic idea of facts and figures at play in relation to valuation. Looking for all the news, historical data and gossip about companies? Nuh uh. Not gonna find that here. Looking for a one-stop shop to get you from first research tidbit to final stop loss execution on a trade? Sorry but that ain’t us either.

Simple and meaningful data and UI. That’s it.