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Consumer Discretionary

Automobiles from Ford, Home remodels from Lowe’s, Jewelry from Tiffany’s and your favorite meal from Darden Restaurants.  What is it? A grouping of companies that sell nonessential products and services that consumers if avoided would not have major consequences to their well being. So it’s a fancy way of saying you know those shoes you like from Nike? Yeah that’s discretionary spending. And Nike is a consumer discretionary company. 

Buys 92

Holds 84

Sells 3

Market Cap $1480T

Net Income $52.4T

Avg P/E 46.89

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Bullish & Bearish Alignment

Stocks within a sector that have the highest bullish and bearish alignment with regards to price valuation and fundamental strength. This is calculated by factoring rating, fair value, and the eight criteria on a company to rate the ones with the higest alignment first.


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